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Unleash the power of your links

Take control of your links. Shorten long and unreadable URLs, track and filter them in an easy-to-use dashboard. HighWayPro comes with an innovative user interface, powerful targeting options, automated link insertion, advanced analytics & more!

Smart and Powerful

Redirect based on country, device, date, rotate A/B tests + more

Advanced Analytics

Get clicks stats, pixel and tracking codes + more

Shorten any URL

Get more clicks with shorter URLs on your own domain

Automatically inserted

Insert your URLs in your content automatically

8+ built-in conditions

Smarter URLs with Conditions

Redirect to different targets based on the country the user is from. Send iOS users to the Appstore and Android users to Google play, with one single short URL. Send users to a different page based on the time of the day. Or the user role. The sky is the limit!

Mix & match

Add as many conditions to a URL as needed

One URL, different targets

Send users to different pages with one single URL. An you can always change this at any time.

Different countries, different targets

For this example, we’ve set up a URL that redirects to different stores based on the country you’re from. If you’re not from one the listed countries, use a VPN and get amazed!

United States, Canada or Mexico:
U.K or Ireland:
Everywhere else:

Click on the link above or copy and paste it in your browser

Send mobile users to their respective app stores

For this example, we’ve set up a URL that sends iOS users to the Appstore and Android users to the Google Play Store!

OS X (MacOs):

Click on the link above or copy and paste it in your browser

Target users by origin

This condition enables you to target traffic based on the page link was clicked from. Click the link below (don’t copy and paste it), it needs to be clicked from this site. You will be redirected to Now copy the link, open a new tab and paste it into the address bar. You will be shown a “Not Found” page. This is because you can target traffic based on the page or domain the link was clicked from. Pretty cool, huh? This allows you to only redirect when the link is clicked from within your site, for example.

Origin is
Any other origin: 404 (not found)

Click on the link above or copy and paste it in your browser

Googler by day, DuckDucker by night

This condition enables you to send traffic to different URLs based on the time of the day. For this example, you will be redirected either to google and duckduckgo based on the time of the day.

PLEASE NOTE that this condition uses the clock from your server, in this case, our server is set to the North American Central Time Zone (CT). You can check the current time here. (Yes, we also shortened that URL!)

From 10 A.M to 9 P.M:
From 9 P.M. to 10 A.M:

Click on the link above or copy and paste it in your browser

Advanced analytics

Analyze your clicks

HighWayPro makes it extremely easy to track and analyze your clicks data so that you know what is working and what isn’t

Easy to use dashboard
Filter by date
Country, device, origin + more

Advanced filtering

Get individual or combined stats for all URLs. Filter by date range + more.

Add tracking codes

Track each click with a custom HTML tracking code,

Use a pixel image

Use any URL from your site as a one pixel image that allows you to track views from almost any third party website!

More than just a redirection plugin

Features that supercharge your links

HighWayPro has been designed to make the most out of your URLs. Have an affiliate website? HighWayPro will automatically insert your URLs in your content. Want to test different targets from a single URL? We got you covered. Want to redirect old pages? Yep, HighWayPro can also do that. And more.

8+ Built-in conditions

Carefully designed conditions including:

Disposable (usage limit)
Expiring (date)
Hour Range
Referrer (origin)
User Agent
Roles & Capabilities

7+ Built-in targets

Combined with conditions, targets allow you to choose the final target

Direct URL (simple redirections)
Rotating URLS (A/B tests)
Tracking px image
Post Type redirection (redirect old pages)
Post Type content (no redirection)
Taxonomy redirection

Automatic insertions

Automatically insert your links to your content based on your keywords

Insertions based on keywords (words and phrases)
Use your post and pages
Select a limit of insertions per keyword

Advanced Analytics

Get advanced data such as: country, device and origin (referrer). Sort data by date rage including:

In the last 7 days
In the last Month
In the last year
Custom Range
Shorten your long URLs on your own domain
Rotate pages with a single URL (A/B test)
Change the target URL at any time after creation
Protect your affiliate links
Set your short links as nofollow, sponsored and/or UGC.
Set the redirection status code (301, 302, 307 +more)
Categorize your links
Point your links to an unlimited amount of subfolders (base) or use your root domain, all at the same time!
Open clicks in the current or a new tab
Just-in-time redirections (show the long URL and swap it with the short one just after a user click)
Hide the referrer URL (origin)
Automatically create a short URL for every new post
Cloudflare and Sucuri support
Set your URLs as no-index
Forward parameters to the target URL
Add custom tracking scripts (HTML) individually or to all URLS
Track your post clicks on social media

100% customer satisfaction

Loved by hundreds of site owners

“This is the best link tracking plugin I’ve ever found.”

This is the best link tracking plugin I’ve ever found. Not only it gives you all you need to start tracking your links but the roadmap of features grows and guys who stand behind this understand very well all the needs of professional marketers. I really believe in the near future you’ll be able to postpone expensive link trackers to this solution. Good luck, guys!

– GridArtMaker

“I am highly satisfied with the support provided”

I am highly satisfied with the support that plugin developer provided me. I had lots of issues regarding the links display on mobile and the plugin developer solved those all. Although, it took time but all of the issues got resolved.

– SSLamsal