Your first URL

  1. To create a URL, go to HighWayPro > URLs > Add New. You will need to enter a name for your URL and the path that you want your public URL to have. The name of your URL is private and its main purpose is to help you identify the URL, so try giving it a descriptive name.

    You will notice that the page didn’t reload after creating the URL. HighWayPro has been designed with productivity in mind so all operations within the dashboard are saved in the background, making it super easy, fast (and fun) to create and manage your URLs.

  2. Your URL has been created but it has no destinations. Click on New Destination to create a new destination. Every URL can have as many destinations as needed.

  3. Once the destination has been created, click on TargetNone, this will display a list with the available targets. Select Direct URL, enter the full URL and click OK. Your first basic URL is now ready.

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